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                         INTERNET & SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING

We help Local businesses succeed in many different ways.


One way is by helping our clients get hundreds, even thousands of new customers by Providing very effective Internet Marketing and Social Media Marketing.


Research shows that 97% of all Consumers now use Internet Search Engines and Internet Directories to find Products and Services in their Local area, therefore, Internet Marketing and Search Engine Optimization is critical to the success of local businesses.


We will manually Optimize your Google, Yahoo, Bing and Yelp Pages and we partnered with the only National Internet Data Distributor that can put your Optimized Business Listing on over 250 Search Engines and Directories.

This will give your business a very decisive advantage over your competition!


There are over 50 million Businesses Listed on Google, the top Internet Search Engine, however, less than 2% of all Business Owners have had their Google Page and Google Maps Page Optimized by experts.

The ones that have, appear in the top 3 Listings on Local Google Search, look the best and get all the new customers!


Search Engine Pages on Google, Yahoo, Bing and Yelp are now more important than Advertising or Websites because 86% of consumers want to know where the business is located and they want to see Reviews about the business and they don't trust advertising.

Search Engine Pages are Free. However, you need to have experts Optimize them for you so that your business appears high on Searches and your photos and reviews sell consumers on choosing your business over all the others.


You will also have a huge advantage when you have your Local Listings Optimized on ALL the other 250 Search Engines and Directories on the Internet because your business will be listed every where possible!

Your Business Listing will then show up High on All Local Searches and your Optimized Listings will look far better than your competition and it will sell consumers on choosing your business.


We provide these very effective service’s AT OUR COST as a way of introducing our Consulting Services to Local Businesses.

Our goal is to establish long term relationships with our clients.

We have clients that have been using our Internet Marketing services for 10 years and they are very successful because if it!

We find that when we help businesses get more customers, they make more money and are likely to use our other Consulting Services.


If you were to hire a Internet Marketing Firm to do all of this for you, it would cost from $3,000 to $6,000 a month because they typically charge $200 per hour for their services.

Our prices range from only $99 to $599 per month. 


$99 a month: We will manually Claim, Verify & Optimize your Google Page and  and continue to Optimize your page every month.

$199 a month: We will do all the above and Post your Optimized Business Listing on ALL the other 250 Search Engines, Yellow Page Directories, Consumer Review Sites, 411 Directories & GPS Systems and re-post them every month.

When your business is posted on all of these directories it pushes your ranking up on Google, Yahoo, Bing and Yelp, the four major Search Engines and many potential customers will also find your business on the other 250 Internet directories.

In addition, re-posting every month makes your listing appear higher on the Search Engines and the Internet Directories.

 $299 a month: We do all the above and guarantee many 5 star Reviews on Yelp, Yahoo and Bing.

We will also coach you on Facebook Social Media and how to get more reviews from you customers on Google,Yelp and Facebook.

In addition we will show you very easy method to get your customers to follow you on Facebook.

$599 a month: In addition to all the above we will manage up to 3 channels of  Social Media for you.

We will also manage your Pay Per Click campaigns on Google and Facebook.

We will also provide you with monthly data Analytics so you can see where your customers are finding you and what they looked at.


We will continue to Optimize and update your Place Pages so that you are highly RANKED and highly RATED, we update your Keywords, we update your information and update all methods possible so that potential customers call you instead of your competition.

We even protect your reputation by responding to your Reviews and managing them.

So you can see at these very low prices, every business can afford Internet Marketing and Social Media Marketing!                 

Please email a request for a complimentary consultation.